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Wheat Straw / Wheat Hay

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Pakistan Wheat Straw Suppliers

Wheat Straw Exporter in Pakistan

Due to the best weather in Pakistan, we produce our own Wheat Straw, which is of the highest quality.

We manufacture a wide range of bales that are properly prepared for high load capacity per container, ranging from 12 to 24 tonnes per container (40' HC). This straw meets the highest quality requirements of feeding qualities, including GOLD color, and is manufactured exclusively by our firm.

Main Characteristics:

  • Soft & Clean
  • No Humidity or Fungus
  • Packing with Plastic Strip
  • Double Pressing

Excellent for:

  • All Animal Feeding
  • Mushroom Growing
  • Animal Bedding
  • Biomass Pellets Making

Wheat Straw / Wheat Hay


Dry Matter91.0 Max.
Crude Protein4.2 Max.
Crude Fiber41.5 Max.
NDF77.5 Max.
ADF50.0 Max.
Lignin7.2 Max.
Ether Extract1.4 Max.
Ash4.5 Max.
Starch (Polarimetry)1.0 Max.
Total Sugars1.2 Max.
Gross Energy18.5 Max.

Wheat Straw / Wheat Hay

Wheat Straw Pictures

Photographs Taken During the Loading of an Export Container (Wheat Straw / Wheat Hay).

Wheat Straw / Wheat Hay

Packing & Loading Detail

WEIGHT / 40'
1Small Bale12 - 14 Kg1200 Bales12 - 15 MT
2Small Medium Bale18 - 20 Kg870 Bales15 - 17 MT
3Medium Bale22 - 25 Kg840 Bales18 - 20 MT
4Big Bale30 - 34 Kg750 Bales22 - 24 MT
Note: Special loading on pallets are also available and all square bales are tied with plastic strip.

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