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Himalayan Animal Lick Salt Exporters in Pakistan

Minerals are essential for the health and wellbeing of livestock (Cows, Sheeps, Goats, and Camels) and horses alike. Pak Arab Agro Industries offers premium quality Himalayan animal licking salt which covers mineral supplements for animal health. Animals need this essential nutrition for a vitality and balance life.

Study shows that the animals who have access to salt all year round are cope with feed, healthier and more reproductive. This is very important that animals can take the salt as per their instinct & bodily requirements. We offer salt block in the rock format which cannot be devour by animals but instead allow them to lick it on the go. The salt blocks are natural and do not come with any preservatives of sweeteners. Give your animal’s pure salt which they can enjoy all year round.

Our Himalayan Rock Salt animal licks are available in standard weights categories of 1-2 kg, 2-3 kg, 3-4 kg, 4-5 kg and in blocks of 4 & 5 kg or as may be required in customized weights and shapes.

Himalayan animal lick Salt Supplier

Nutritional Information

UsageFor animals
For Animal FeedCattle, chicken, dog, horse etc.
Moisture5% Max
ColorPink, Orange
PackagingCustomer request (Air tight wrapped, 3-4kg/packing), Polythene wrap, inner carton and master carton, or as per your requirement.
MOQ20ft container * 2
Size5x5x5 or 5x5x7 Drilled, fitted with a rope for hanging
Himalayan animal lick Salt Exporter

Our Licks Salt Shape

Different Animal Salt Licks and Feed Salt Shape.

Animal Salt Lick Cylinder Shape

Cylinder Shape

Animal Salt Licks

Animal Salt Licks Natural Shape

Natural Shape

Animal Salt Licks

Animal Salt Licks Raw Material Lumps

Raw Material Lumps

Animal Salt Licks

Animal Salt Licks Square Shape

Square Shape

Animal Salt Licks

Animal Salt Licks Tile Shape

Tile Shpe

Animal Salt Licks

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