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Pakistan PK-386 Non-Basmati White Rice


Pakistan Non-Basmati White Rice, PK-386 Rice Exporters

PK-386 rice from Pakistan is a non-basmati strain known for its aroma and basmati-like cooking properties. Because it is less expensive than conventional basmati rice types from Pakistan, PK-386 rice is usually shipped to the Middle East and Africa. In fact, PK-386 non-basmati rice commerce to these two locations nearly matches the local consumption of the type in Pakistan. This is because PK-386 rice was inexpensive and suitable for ethnic Middle Eastern and African cuisines.

PK-386 rice has the same smell as basmati rice and is grown in the Pakistani region of Punjab. PK 386 rice has a unique grain shape and an after-cooking elongation ratio of roughly 1.50, with no thickness in width on cooking.

PK-386 rice is also available in par-boiled grade and under a Private Label, according to the needs of the buyer.


PK-386 White Rice

Average Grain Length6.8 MM
Polishing GradeSilky Polished & Color Sortexed.
Moisture ContentMax. 13.5%
Broken GrainsMax. 2.0%
Damaged, Shriveled & YellowMax. 1.5%
Chalky GrainsMax. 3.0%
Contrasting VarietiesMax. 7.0%
Foreign GrainsMax. 0.5%
Foreign MatterMax. 0.5%
Paddy GrainMax. 10 pcs per kilogram.
Under-milled & Red-stripedMax. 2.0%

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PK-386 White Rice

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