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Pakistan Super Kernel Basmati White Rice


Pakistan Basmati Rice, Super Kernel Basmati White Rice Exporters

One of nature's best products derives its distinct perfume and flavor from the particular soil and temperature conditions found only in the towering, misty mountain ranges known as the HIMALAYAS. This is where the narrative of each bag of ROYAL Super Basmati begins. Trained specialists watch cultivation and recommend superior protective strategies. The company experts then move to the big markets to select only the finest grains of Super Basmati available, ensuring that each grain when cooked elongates three times its uncooked size, thus giving you 100 percent pure quality Super Basmati Rice with an exquisite delicate texture, flavor, and aroma for which ROYAL Basmati Rice Exporters is famous throughout the world.


Super Kernel Basmati White Rice

Average Grain Length7.2 MM
Polishing GradeSilky Polished & Color Sortexed.
Moisture ContentMax. 13.0%
Broken GrainsMax. 2.0%
Damaged, Shriveled & YellowMax. 1.0%
Chalky GrainsMax. 3.0%
Contrasting VarietiesMax. 7.0%
Foreign GrainsMax. 0.1%
Foreign MatterMax. 0.1%
Paddy GrainMax. 0.2%
Under-milled & Red-stripedMax. 2.0%

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Super Kernel Basmati White Rice

Pakistan Super Kernel Basmati Rice Exporters, Super Kernel Basmati Rice

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