Pak Arab Agro Industries Export Quality Rice from Pakistan

Firstly, Pak Arab Agro Industries prioritizes quality, which has earned us the trust of customers worldwide. We possess all the necessary certifications required for exporting export quality rice globally.

Secondly, our plant is strategically located in the heart of the basmati rice hub, resulting in reduced transportation and distribution costs. This translates to nominal pricing for our products. Moreover, ensuring timely delivery is our foremost objective; we are committed to fulfilling orders promptly. When it comes to packaging, we exclusively use natural, hygienic, and dust-free bags, prioritizing the safety of consumers' health.

In essence, Pak Arab Agro Industries is synonymous with excellent quality, fair pricing, and a diverse product range. Our Basmati and Non-Basmati rice embody delightful taste, fresh aroma, and enticing appearance.

Our Strength

Location Benefits:

Strategically located in a state known for classic conditions for growing paddy (in terms of soil condition and climate) and large-scale rice markets. This provides us the quickest entrance to international trade.

Quality Advantages:

Our brands meet stringent international standards for quality, purity, and nutritional content. The entire production process of raw and processed rice adheres to rigorous hygiene standards.

Cost Advantages:

Being situated in the heart of India's premier Basmati growing region ensures equitable transportation and distribution costs, which allows us to pass on these savings directly to our customers. This enables us to provide high-quality rice at a competitive price point.

Economies of Scale Advantages:

Our plant's optimal utilization enables us to process nearly 100,000 tons of raw rice into final products annually. This substantial production volume ensures outstanding efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Packaging Advantages:

Our products are meticulously packaged in premium poly bags, non-woven, and jute sacks, ensuring utmost cleanliness and hygiene. This pristine packaging reflects our commitment to reliability. Additionally, we customize our packaging to comply with the specific food regulations and labeling requirements of each country.

Brand Advantage:

In the end, our outstanding brands have earned recognition in both domestic and global markets. We are genuinely esteemed for our commitment to quality, ethical business practices, and cost-effective strategies.


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