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1What are the varieties of rice available in Pakistan?
Pakistan produces three varieties of rice: basmati, irri, and broad grain rice (sometimes called sella). Each has a unique set of characteristics and is in great demand both locally and globally. Pak Arab Agro Industries is a significant supplier of all varieties of Pakistani rice. Natural has become a well-known brand in the rice export industry.
2Export Market for Pakistani Rice?
Pakistani rice is in high demand worldwide. Because of the organic agricultural methods utilized, the rice has a unique flavor that distinguishes it from rice farmed elsewhere in the world. Pak Arab Agro Industries has shipped rice to the Americas, Europe, the Middle East and North Africa, and Oceania under the Natural brand.
3Organic farming in Pakistan?
In Pakistan, rice is grown without the use of pesticides or fertilizers on a continuous and excessive basis. The cultivation process includes a number of mechanical, cultural, and biological activities that help to maintain ecological balance, stimulate resource rotation on the farm, and protect biodiversity. This helps to reduce the usage of genetic engineering and synthetic fertilizers. Pak Arab Agro Industries has established supply networks with numerous organic farms and only purchases toxin-free rice.
4What Are the Health Benefits of Brown Rice?
The bran and germ, the two outer layers of brown rice, comprise the majority of its vitamins and minerals. These layers are removed when white rice is manufactured, which is why brown rice is a better option. Brown rice ensures the following.
A. Lower risk of diabetes
B. Improved heart health
C. Better weight management
5Why is basmati rice preferred?
Basmati rice is considered high-quality rice. It stands out for its rich flavor and nice aroma. Basmati rice is incredibly tasty. It is most widely used in South Asian cuisine due to its beautiful long grain and delectable flavour.
6What is sella rice?
Sella rice, also called parboiled rice, is that rice that is steamed while the grain is in the husk and then dried and milled. As a result, the rice grains are somewhat yellowish but preferred as all grains separate on cooking, though there is a slight change in taste. The grain doubles in length when cooked but retains its needle-like appearance.
7Famous South Asian rice dishes?
Pilav, Biryani, Boiled rice with lentils, vegetable rice, minced meat rice, and jaggery rice.

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